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With its huge demand for skilled workforce, Germany is today looking at you as the future driving force of its economy. With its commitment to ethically correct and fair migration assistance, GreenEdge proudly stands as a formidable partner in your journey for a brighter career and life in Germany. With our strong network of contacts with the German authorities and Chambers of various skilled professionals, GreenEdge provides and ensures a transparent and reliable service for a job in Germany. That too, without any consultancy fee.

Being part of a German consultancy network, we go an extra mile for your future in Germany, instead of being just a consulting agency. The selection process is based purely on your qualifications and experience in the different verticals.

If you are dreaming of a quality work-life future in Germany and have the required qualifications and expertise in any of the following industrial areas, please send your current biodata to contact@greenedge-consultancy .ae

  • Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants)
  • Cooks and Chefs
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Truck Drivers
  • Carpenters
  • IT Engineer
  • Software programmers
  • AC Technicians
  • Other Technicians


With Germany reeling under the pressure of tremendous shortage of human resources, we have the vision to ensure a sustainable and trustworthy possibility for staffing from non-EU countries.


To discover the opportunities for staffing in the German industries and connecting them with the right candidates to guarantee customer satisfaction through a high quality of reliable services, without compromising on values.



As your HR Consulting agency, we work closer with you to understand the need, experience and cultural awareness you need to for the various job profile in Germany. We help you with the full consulting process, or you can decide the level of support you need. Our robust selection process will enable both the employees and employers to align with the social and professional needs of todays Germany.

Process for Candidates

Process for our Clients



Global presence

We work with a German partner and enjoys a wide network on Germany, India and the GCC.


More than Algorithms

With our huge database of staffing requirements in Germany, we make the right matches with a high level of human and humane angle to our efforts.


Pick the right fit

With a large pool of employers and potential employees desiring to go to Germany, GreenEdge offers the right platform for these to connect and work together.


Dedicated point of contact

With our office in the UAE, the candidates have a direct access to our consultancy services any time during the working days.


Build Relationships

We are the water from different rivers; together we can create an ocean. A business cannot stand on technology alone, rather succeeding in business is all about making connections and building long standing relations. We can help you built the right relation with the right people.


The Focus

Since we look deep into the individual aspirations of our candidates and their qualities for a potential job in Germany, we have fixed our focus on bringing the right candidates to the right mix of employers. Many companies in Germany are looking for qualified specialists like you. Take the first step and contact us for further guidance.